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"Insist that your doctor at least LISTEN to what you have come to tell or ask him. Otherwise, why are you there at all? And whether or not a doctor likes it, you have the right to refuse treatment from him if you don't agree with what he is telling you. Remember, your body is YOURS, not the doctor's."

"If you are having a problem, good doctors will return your calls; just don't cry "wolf" over any little thing all the time, but DO CALL when you truly need to do so."

"Get a second opinion--the first may not be correct. And if you feel you need a third opinion, obtain that too. We're talking about YOUR life!"

"When you get your itemized bills, check them over carefully; oftentimes a double charge might accidentally get included or if there is a charge for something you feel you never got, check it out. Same thing with your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurer(s)."

"Make it a habit whenever you see a doctor or have a medical test, blood or otherwise, that you ask for and obtain a copy of it...Doctors' office personnel and even doctors themselves often will tell you the results are "Normal" when for you, they definitely may NOT be...Learn to know what is "Normal" for you and that knowledge might save your life one day."

"If you have a concern about how a particular doctor might treat you, take a friend or family member along with you for your appointment(s). Same thing if you feel you may need help in understanding what the doctor is saying or doing in your regard. Once again, doctors need to LISTEN..."

"Over 100,000 patients in the United States alone die each year because of doctor or hospital mistakes. You don't want to be one of those mistakes. THERE IS NO TOMORROW FOR YOU IF YOU ARE ONE OF TODAY'S MISTAKES!

© Copyright 2002- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by Kay Hutchison Benton, Cover Art and Illustrations by Deborah McClintock
No part of this book may be reproduced in any manner without express written permission of the author, except in the case of brief excerpts in critical reviews and articles.
Published by InchAlong Press, Farmville, Virginia
Book design by author and Richard McClintock