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What are the Ten Myths?

  1. Doctors are gods.

  2. A doctor can tell you what you need to do because 20 or whatever other number of his patients have done well with this particular treatment and therefore, you should too.

  3. My doctor prescribed this medication so I have to take it no matter what!

  4. You have NO say in what the doctor tells you to do.

  5. If you don't seem to be getting better within a reasonable period of time even though you have tried repeatedly to let him know you are no better, your doctor still knows best and you must keep on keeping on!

  6. You can't have your records because they "belong" to the doctor.

  7. Even if you get the medical records you've requested, you may like be told by your doctor that you won't know how to interpret them since you are (in most cases) a nonmedically-trained person.

  8. Doctors have the right to treat you anyway they want: keep you waiting for them for hours with no explanation for the delay, browbeat you into thinking you know nothing about your condition or anything else, attack you personally, or abuse you physically.

  9. If a doctor says you need surgery, chemotherapy or other extensive treatments, he must be right.

  10. Whatever the doctor says, you must do.

[The Cover of the Book]

Ten Myths About Doctors; and What You Can Do to Dispel Them is written for every man, woman and child who has ever been given little or no information regarding his or her medical situation and has no idea where to turn for help and how to obtain it. Information is also given on how to get healthcare providers to treat you, the patient, as a unique individual and not just the "gallbladder" or "arthritis" patient. The author has been there and speaks with experience and authority in these matters. She is a survivor (and an overcomer) herself and hopes to remain one with the knowledge she has learned and now imparts from this book.

Ten Myths About Doctors tells the reader about the most glaring myths concerning doctors that our society has set up and in most cases accepts because the doctor "knows best." What is found between the pages will help the reader learn what his rights are as a patient, how better to work with his healthcare providers, and to know what he or she can do to change and dispel these societal myths. Appropriate quotations are included in each myth chapter.

This book is a patient's survival guide. For example, the number one myth about doctors is that they are "gods." The reader will learn why this is totally false and then learns how to unveil and dispel that myth and nine others that follow. In addition, the author provides a generic "Patient Bill of Rights" in Appendix A to also help demystify hospital/clinics and lets the reader know what his or her rights are as a patient.

In Appendix B, the author has included nearly 250 valuable resources for patients to utilize with real places and organizations, their addresses, phone numbers and web sites.

Government sources, private foundation information, and other just "plain" web sites, however, are also there for those who have computers or access thereto and don't mind doing a little surfing.

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